Is it any wonder they’re called liars?

Ashcroft now claims that the section of the Patriot Act allowing the FBI to obtain a list of books you bought at a bookstore or checked out from a library has never been invoked. Bloggers like The Liquid List figured out this is false. It’s not hard. The claim is disproved by a June 2002 […]

Getting caught in their own lies

This Modern World points out that although Bush admitted today the government has “no evidence” linking Iraq to 9-11, that isn’t what he told Congress in March when, as required by law, he advised it we were invading Iraq. He told Congress then that the invasion was to “take the necessary actions against international terrorists […]

Number one (too bad it’s with bullets)

The administration’s efforts to bring to fruition the neocons’ Plan for a New America Century was selected the top censored story for 2002-2003 by Project Censored. (Via Alternet). From what I’ve read of PNAC, it’s is the script the Bushies are following.

The list further undercuts the myth of a biased liberal media. The top […]

They’re just now figuring this out?

You know, it doesn’t take a great deal of thought to figure out we’re alienating the Iraqi people. Yet while defense officials appear to finally realize that, the administration remains in a state of denial. The only mistake Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak made when he said the war would produce “100 bin Ladens” was underestimating […]

Busy Reading

Not much weekend posting as too busy reading.

Read Paul Krugman’s The Great Unraveling. While the economic commentary is not enthralling, much of it shows that what Bush and the neocons are doing post 9-11 was presaged by their actions in the 2000 campaign and their economic policies. I only hope the dream expressed in […]

Liars and their continuing lies

Ashcroft says

Do we at the Justice Department really care what you are reading? No.

The law enforcement community has no interest in your reading habits. Tracking reading habits would betray our high regard for the First Amendment. And even if someone in the government wanted to do so, it would represent an impossible workload […]