South Dakota political notes

The Diedrich-Herseth race draws the attention of the The New York Times. My favorite quote comes from Diedrich: “She [Herseth] has done a very good job of running as a Republican.” Unfortunately, he is all too accurate.

The NY Times also reports that 48 Roman Catholic members of Congress have written a church representative objecting to the fact threats to deny communion are “miring the Church in partisan politics.” Since the letter appears to have come only from House members, Tom Daschle’s name is absent. Query: Given the Argus-KELO poll indicates a virtual tie in the Daschle-Thune race, would Tom sign such a letter coming from the Senate?

UPDATE: With respect to the comments regarding gay issues, as I have noted before, Stephanie has consistently said she supports Bush on the gay marriage constitutional amendment. For example, in a debate last month, she said: “I have consistently supported the president and would vote to pass a constitutional amendment if narrowly defined as he requested – to define marriage as between a man and a woman.”

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  • You say: My favorite quote comes from Diedrich: “She [Herseth] has done a very good job of running as a Republican.” Unfortunately, he is all too accurate

    You failed to mention the following passage: “Mr. Diedrich, who is outspokenly anti-abortion and mentions Ronald Reagan as one of his political heroes, has sought to portray Ms. Herseth as a left-winger. He has made much of her refusal to promise that she would vote for a constitutional amendment banning gay marriage, and even more of her support for abortion rights.”

    If Herseth is “running as a Republican” she the kind of Republican I could support.

  • it’s always interesting to me that male progressives see women’s issues (reproductive choice) and social issues (GLBT rights, etc) as secondary, or less important somehow.

    herseth isn’t a flaming liberal, but she’s *hardly* a republican.

  • me again. thanks for the clarification – the one criticism that i do have with stephanie herseth is that i can’t exactly figure out WHAT she thinks – i know she supports the amendment, but i hear different things about civil unions, etc.

    and “gay issues” do not just equal marriage.

    and, again, i think it’s important to address the fact that herseth is staunchly pro-choice because it affects more than just abortion rights and more than just women in the US – there’s bush’s gag rule, and the fact that he withholds funds from the united nation’s population fund, for starters. we know that his withdrawl of US funds causes the deaths of literally tens of thousands of women and children in developing nations. the fact that herseth is pro-choice is more than enough for me to cast a vote for her.

    i’ve read your earlier entries, and i want to make it clear that i’m not trying to convince you to vote in this election, but i would like you to consider the fact that women’s issues are just as important as the patriot act and the marriage amendment.