There she goes again

Hopefully not totally overshadowed by the debate hoopla, the House Thursday failed to get the necessary two-thirds majority to pass a proposed federal constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage. Stephanie Herseth voted in favor of the amendment. This vote comes a day after she voted to repeal a law banning most handguns in the District […]

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Blogging notes

With a great deal going on in real life, I have not been keeping up with the conservative/rightwing bloggers recently. It was a mistake checking in on some of them today. I am dismayed by the persistent and intense hate, fear-mongering and intolerance. This dismay coincides with a couple interesting pieces on blogging.

First, this […]

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The debate

I am not going to watch the big debate tonight. Hearing the s-o-s spew from the Liar-in-Chief would put our household televisions at too much risk. I figure I will get the fairest assessment and evaluation from the special live edition of The Daily Show following the debate.

Given the foreign policy focus, here’s some […]

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With the first installment of his autobiography on the way, Bob Dylan makes the cover of Newsweek, whose online site also has the interview and an excerpt.

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In light of the Bush administration’s insistence there be no judicial or semi-judicial oversight regarding incarerations at Guantanamo, an argument that relies mostly on the phrase “trust us,” I found this story interesting: A prominent Taleban commander who was killed last week in southern Afghanistan had rejoined the militants after being released from the U.S […]

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Bootleg decision

Some of you may have read that last Friday a federal judge struck down a law banning the sale of bootlegs of live performances. I have plenty of bootlegs but the decision still leaves me with mixed feelings.

I don’t have a problem with concert bootlegs because they provide an opportunity to hear what may […]

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