Just so much stuff

Back for about 48 hours before another round of hockey. Too much happening, making my head spin from all the insanity and inanity. So, here’s some quickies from the last day or so:

Pot or Kettle? Have to love Scotty McClellan’s unmitigated gall after the Swift Boat crap in responding to questions about the recent stories on Bush’s National Guard service (or lack thereof): “I think you absolutely are seeing a coordinated attack by John Kerry and his surrogates on the President.” Ever stop to think that maybe the media are finally their job some four years late?

A Flip-Flop By Any Other Name. Bush Now Backs Budget Powers in New Spy Post.

A Safer America. “The Bush administration’s ‘war on terrorism’ reflects a major failure of leadership and makes Americans more vulnerable rather than more secure.” (Via Cursor).

“Mission Accomplished.”More U.S. troops have died since the turnover of power to an interim Iraqi government at the end of June than were killed during the U.S.-led invasion of the country in the spring of 2003. …. That trend is a grim indication that, 18 months after the invasion, the fighting appears to be intensifying rather than waning.” (Via The War In Context).

Why Are We So Blind? “If the world could cast a vote in the United States presidential election, John Kerry would beat George W. Bush by a landslide, according to a poll released on Wednesday that is described as the largest sample of global opinion on the race.” Actual poll here. (Also via The War In Context).

An American Nightmare. What If Bush Wins? (Also via Cursor).

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