Principle in politics

Hats off to five South Dakota legislators. The state House voted 63-5 Thursday to approve a resolution “expressing legislative support for the preservation of the words, under God, in the pledge of allegiance.” The resolution purports to be an effort to protect religious tolerance. Yet religious tolerance would recognize that there are persons in this country who may not believe in a particular Judeo-Christian or other god or any god at all yet remain entitled to their beliefs and their protections under the constitution and laws.

It would be simple to vote for this resolution. Doing so would protect you from attack for a vote that has no real meaning on a measure that is of no real force and effect. Having the courage of conviction, though, were Jim Bradford, a teacher from Pine Ridge; Pat Haley, a writer from Huron; Elaine Roberts, a retired teacher from Sioux Falls; Bill Thompson, another retired teacher from Sioux Falls; and, Tom Van Norman, a lawyer from Eagle Butte.

Maybe these Democrats might speak to Stephanie Herseth about putting principle above political expediency.

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