Not standing the test of time

When I first discovered the joy of foreign films, I decided a salutary mission would be to see all the films that won the Oscar for Best Foreign Film or the Golden Palm (Palme d’Or) Award at the Cannes Film Festival. Let me tell you, that is not an easy task given the video rental […]

Google news headline

I’ve often gthought of doing a post about some of the headlines I see on Google News. One today really caught my eye. Due to my screen size or whatever, the headline read:

Bush promises probe into Saddam underwear pictures

I don’t have issues, I have full-blown psychotic episodes.

George Carlin at The Fox […]

Riffs, notes and bookmarks

As a follow-up to my school censorship councils post, take a look at The Forbidden Library. It’s devoted to books that were the subject of banning efforts and the reasons why. It also has some excellent links. Via The Revealer is this exposition on psychedelic music and the search for spirituality. I’ve posted a […]

Creating school censorship councils

Following the Patriot Act lead of naming legislation for political purposes, the Parental Empowerment Act of 2005 has been introduced in Congress. (Via Blog of a Bookslut). Basically, the bill would cut off federal funding unless school boards create a “parent review and empowerment council.” Those councils would be allowed to have “significant input” and […]

Locus Awards finalists

Locus magazine has announced the finalists for its annual awards. In addition to awards for Best Science Fiction Novel, awards are also given for Best Fantasy Novel, Best First Novel and Best Young Adult Book, all based on a readers’ poll.

This year’s best sf novel finalists are: The Algebraist by Iain M. Banks; Eastern […]

Book Review: The Great Mortality (2005)

Unfortunately, many readers tend to view books about history as a sleep-inducing recitation of dry events and dates. John Kelly’s The Great Mortality is one of those works that proves there are some wonderful history books out there.

The Great Mortality is subtitled “An Intimate History of the Black Death.” Intimate accurately describes how Kelly […]