Book Review: Foop! (2005)

Aliens, robots, other planets, time travel, dystopias. All these archetypes of science fiction make their appearance in one fashion or another in Foop!, a first novel by Chris Genoa.

Foop! is a comedic and at times scatological look at where the Earth may be headed and why. Its hero is Joe, who, as the name […]

Normal marginalia

As I catch up on a few things following my return, here’s some more traditional (i.e., non-Springsteen) marginalia

I understand some of the rationale and the impact of the digital age, but there’s just something inherently wrong with the concept of emptying a library of books. (NYT article – registration required). A story in the […]

Penile humor and the First Amendment

Via How Appealing comes this Michigan Court of Appeals decision (PDF file) about whether televised jokes told by a human penis are protected by the First Amendment.

Seems Timothy Huffman produced a program called “Tim’s Area of Control” on a public access cable channel in Grand Rapids, Mich. One episode, that aired between 10:30 and […]

Arthur C. Clarke award

China Miéville won the 2005 Arthur C. Clarke Award for Iron Council, which is also on the shortlist for the 2005 Hugo Awards. I personally thought it weaker than Miéville’s prior work (which is all far more fantasy than sf), particularly Perdido Street Station, which won the Clarke Award in 2001.

The Clarke Award was […]

Springsteen marginalia

Back at home, a bit of time for reflection and not having wanted to overload the concert review, here’s a few more observations from Springsteen’s St. Paul performance:

Parent-child relationships seem to be in Bruce’s thoughts. During the show, he told several anecdotes about himself and his kids or himself and his parents. Plus “The […]

A different side of Bruce

Still away from home so my comments aren’t prompt. Still, here’s several but far from all of my impressions of Springsteen’s performance in St. Paul Tuesday night.

Twenty-five songs over 2 ½ hours. Half coming from Devils & Dust (9) and The Rising< (4); the others ranging from throughout his career. It is impossible to [...]