Struggling to find a 2004 album of the year

Okay, we’re past the summer solstice, the music released in 2004 is at least half a year old and I’m still struggling with my personal pick for album of the year. For a while, the lead contender has been Steve Earle’s The Revolution Starts…Now. It’s a work that’s grown on me but I still can’t […]

Book Review: Terry Jones’s War on the War on Terror (2005)

There probably isn’t a middle ground on Terry Jones’s views of the “war on terror.” You either agree with him or you don’t. Yet even if you do, Terry Jones’s War on the War on Terror comes off more as toss off than lasting political commentary.

Jones, whose biggest but not sole claim to fame […]

Bookmarks and footnotes

Spare me! Mark Fuhrman — he of OJ trial fame — has a book coming out next week on “the untold story of Terri Schiavo’s death.” Wasn’t the woman’s death enough of a circus without importing some of the stink of the OJ carnival? Has no one the decency to leave this woman in […]

Book Review: Iron Sunrise (2004)

As the ones of you who read this blog know, Charles Stross is science fiction’s most recent sensation. After years of relative anonymity, he’s been shortlisted this year for SF awards for his novels (both SF and fantasy) and novellas. Iron Sunrise, which garnered the best novel nomination for this year’s Hugo Awards, is a […]


Margaret Atwood is one of those authors who has written some excellent SF but is still well-accepted in “literary” circles. She had a piece in the arts section of last Friday’s The Guardian on why we need science fiction. The Agony Column has an interesting piece on how the SF Book Club’s mailings seem […]

Wiki journalism

Using blogs and the web as a source for “grassroots” journalism seems to be a rising meme. But, surprise, suprise, one of the first great experiments seems to have gone quickly aground.

The LA Times decided to try “wikatorials,” online editorials that any reader could edit. The project, which started last Friday, ended early Sunday […]