Predicting the 9/11 “conspiracy”

Over the weekend, I finally began watching The Lone Gunmen series on DVD. This was a short-lived spin-off of The X-Files that aired on Fox in 2001. It was a tongue-in-cheek show about three conspiracy geeks that parodied everything from the Mission Impossible film to James Bond flicks. I had forgotten, though, one of the […]

DVD takes

Having spent too much time and uttered too many curses battling some connectivity issues, I figured it was time for a soothing installment of recently viewed DVDs ranked on a 5 star scale:

Ballad of a Soldier (1959) ****

An engrossing Russian film about a front line soldier in World War II who gets a […]

Book Review: Accelerando (2005)

Accelerando will make your brain hurt — but in a good sort of way.

Actually a unified collection of nine previously published novelettes, Charles Stross may very well have written a seminal work in science fiction. Seminal not only in exploring where humanity may be going in the next several decades but in making a […]

Churches and use tax sequel

The local daily reports the state Department of Revenue isn’t going to make churches get tax licenses to pay use tax on items they purchase out of state. That seems a reasonable approach.

Even individuals owe use tax on items they purchase out-of-state but use in-state if no sales tax is charged at the point […]

HST set for lift-off

Final preparations are underway to launch Hunter S. Thompson’s ashes in fireworks shells fired from a cannon on his property in Colorado. The launch is tonight at a private ceremony with about 250 invited guests. At least they found one way the king of gonzo journalism hasn’t previously used to get high.

The towers are […]

Short takes from the local daily

A couple things in the paper the last few days prompt comments:

According to Dave Kranz’s column today, my blog subtitle could even say vastly outnumbered in Sioux Falls. Kranz reports that a national study says Sioux Falls ranks as the 50th most conservative city in the nation. To whomever compiled the “staff and wire […]