Ahh, the power of blogs

Okay, okay. I can’t leave it alone, but……

Anyone with a brainstem who looks at the SD blogosphere knows PP at South Dakota War College and I are on opposite sides of the political aisle. Some on his side (and even maybe PP) probably consider me outside the building. But as I’ve said about others, there are times where common ground exists. One is the asinine South Dakota Judicial Accountability Initiative Law (J.A.I.L.).

Seems PP and I are “favorites” of Bonnie Russell, J.A.I.L.’s new “campaign coordinator.” In fact, during her telephone call to me yesterday, she thought I ran both this blog and the War College. Wherever he was, PP must have felt chills going up his spine when that statement was made. Any way, PP noted this morning that someone said they were tired of hearing about J.A.I.L. Again, PP and I agree.

This is a proposal to radicalize our state Constitution. This is a proposal that seeks to create a new system of “judicial review” based on vigilantism. Why in the world would people who care about the future of this state quit talking about it?

At the same time, PP’s post says exactly what I was thinking after talking with Ms. Russell: “Does someone seriously think a few comments a month on a snarky weblog like mine is going to derail this constitutional initiative driven by the will of the people? If someone believes this, then that measure has bigger problems than I could ever muster up.”

Knowledge is power.

Sir Francis Bacon, Meditations Sacrae

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