Assorted marginalia

In part due to catching up on items from over the weekend, a sooner than usual installment of marginalia:

  • I’d seen this a while ago but it’s certainly advanced since. Go play with the literature map. (Via So Many Books).
  • Everybody wants a free t-shirt, right? So, go see my friend MinusCar, contribute 300 words and you could walk away with a nice shirt (even “preworn” if that’s your thing). Besides, I am beginning to come closer to the “minus is the new plus” view.
  • Steely Dan takes a somewhat satirical exception to Owen Wilson’s You, Me and Dupree. (Via Rock & Roll Daily).
  • I swear. I told someone a year or more ago that the FCC’s indeceny fixation would come to this. (Registration or BugMeNot required).
  • Speaking of irrationality, here’s yet another example from a religious standpoint.
  • If you’re a fan, Eos Books, the SF/F imprint of HarperCollins, has launched its own blog.

Imagine all the people
Living life in peace

“Imagine,” John Lennon, Imagine

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