Accumulated (lengthy) political marginalia

As the election approaches, I am looking forward to there being far fewer lengthy posts dealing with political matters. In fact, I’m hoping political topics will soon be almost nonexistent here.

For example, you’re not going to be any info or comment on pagegate, gropegate or whatever -gate you want to use for the upcoming special session of the state Senate. J.A.I.L. and the abortion ban are the reason this blog temporarily strayed from the new course charted more than 18 months ago. November 7 can’t come soon enough and there’s plenty of others out there who can delve into the political to their heart’s content.

That said, here’s a lengthy installment of items of political note:

  • Amongst those willing and desirous of remaining immersed in politics, Clean Cut Kid and PP are interviewed by SDPB about political blogs in South Dakota.
  • Also in that camp is my other-side-of-the-aisle friend JR. I give him credit for once again being frank and honest, saying that what he calls the Republican Governing Coalition “is over.” He dates the problems to the “Terry Schiavo fiasco.” Since then, he says, “Social Conservatives have taken charge of the government and the Economic Conservatives have been pushed aside. Social issues have taken center stage at the expense of economic ones. With the possible exception of the energy bill that while useful is little more that a large expenditure of incentives to encourage production (not altogether a bad thing), not has much has been accomplished that the American people are interested in.”
  • Local ranter Scott Hudson on Amendment C, the “gay marriage” amendment.
  • Stanford Law School has started an election day bloggers’ legal guide. (Via Boing Boing.)
  • Thanks to Coat Hangers at Dawn for leading me to DefCon: The Campaign to Defend the Constitution. It has been added to the list of politically-oriented sites.
  • Along similar lines, recent reads (for which reviews are forthcoming) have led to adding Point of Inquiry to the podcast roll, the Center for Inquiry to the list of worthy sites and to remind readers of the Freedom from Religion Foundation, already on the list.
  • Lots of us kind of joked about it if Bush won in the 2006 election. I’ve already told my wife I’m relatively serious about getting out of at least the state if voters approve J.A.I.L. and the abortion ban.
  • I don’t watch the program (and perhaps I should) but Keith Olbermann does it again: “Beginning of the end of America.” (Via South Dakota Progressive.)
  • And to at least end on a slightly humorous note, the Onion’s A.V. Club gives us horror films for left-wingers/horror films for right-wingers.

If telling the truth is treason, you can make the most of it …. I yield to no man in my devotion to the country or the flag … but I have my own opinion as to how its honor may be sustained.

U.S. Sen. Richard F. Pettigrew (R. – S.D.), February 1900
Senate debate over U.S. military
involvement in the Philippines

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