Book Review: The Call of the Weird

We Americans tend to pride ourselves on having — or at least perceiving ourselves to have — an independent or maverick streak. Regardless of whether it actually exists, it also seems to contribute to America seeming to have a perhaps disproportionate share of kooks. And whether you consider them part of a counterculture, a subculture […]

Of firsts and SF books

It has to be their reputation that makes me hesitate to say publicly that I registered for my first sci-fi convention this past week. It’s Readercon 18, held each July near Boston.

Now I haven’t gone off the deep end. I am told this isn’t one of those conventions where people show up dressed as […]

Search term follies – Part 4

Google keeps sending the penis searches this way but I gotta say the first one in this month’s list is my favorite so far. In addition, people searching the clue to an online crossword puzzle celebrating Black History Month have lifted this site to a #2 Google rank for the second search listed below and […]

The Atheist Manifestos IV: God: The Failed Hypothesis

Proof that atheism is hot — at least from the perspective of bookstores — hit me in the local national chain bookstore last week. Just a few feet from the front door sits a center cap of new releases on sale. Amongst the dozen or so selections — Victor Stenger’s God: The Failed Hypothesis. Considering […]

Question marginalia

Scott Hudson asks, “Who cares about the Grammys?” (and I agree so much I didn’t even watch the program). David Newquist asks, “Who cares about blogs?” (and with which I agreed in part almost two years ago.) While a guy’s gotta be thankful for being mentioned on a PBS blog, I ask (tongue-in-cheek), “Could […]

In da funk

I don’t know what it is about February. For being the shortest month, it is one of the most effective in putting me in a snarly, short-tempered mood. Part of it this year could be age — or the growing realization of age. My middle daughter turned 18 last weekend. My oldest daughter turns 21 […]