Blizzard marginalia

It seems that with more frequency I find myself thinking about “back when I was a kid” or the “good old days.” Still, whether it is due to localized snowfall amounts, growth of the city or simply memory exaggeration, it strikes me that blizzards were bigger and badder back in the day. Huge drifts and lengthy white out conditions seemed more prevalent. Not that I really want any of that. Besides, my body be telling me it be a lot harder moving snow now than then. Just a couple observations from the recent weather. Book-related internet observations include:

  • Seems book banners are getting more innovative. A group of Michigan wackos has asked state and federal prosecutors to investigate whether the local school district is violating obscenity laws by using books by Toni Morrison (The Bluest Eye), Richard Wright (Black Boy), and Kurt Vonnegut (Slaughterhouse-Five). To top it off, the U.S. Attorney’s office has asked the FBI to investigate. In light of the titles and authors, these books would seem, by definition, to fall outside the requirement that an obscene work be one which, taken as a whole, lacks serious artistic or literary value.
  • But then there’s food wackos who want to attack book reading programs.
  • Book award notes: Finalists for the Nebula Awards (via SF Signal) and the LA Times Book Prizes (via Critical Mass, which deserves credit for posting the full list of nominees, something the Times itself inexplicably did not do) have been announced.
  • Granta has come up with its second list of the best young American novelists (21, all under age 35). (Also via Critical Mass).
  • John Scalzi will be making a Minneapolis appearance May 5 in support of his new novel, which comes out in April. As that’s a Saturday, I may have to check my calendar and take a trip.

So you know, that you’re over the hill
When your mind makes a promise that your body can’t fill

“Old Folks Boogie,” Little Feat, Time Loves a Hero

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