A bittersweet day

Today is my 26th wedding anniversary. As I’ve indicated before, I would not survive were it not for the woman who has been the best part of my life. And while perhaps it’s becoming too routinized, she will once again today receive a shipment of tropical flowers from her “happy place” (Hawaii) and we will go out for dinner sans children and likely make a stop at the local bookseller. It may sound boring but I personally think it speaks volumes when a couple still finds great pleasure in just being together.

Yet today’s celebration is tinged with sadness. We received confirmation last evening that our 12-year-old chocolate lab, Maggie, has lymphoma. Untreated, life expectancy is a few weeks and, at best, we can give her maybe 12 months with a 12+ week chemotherapy program. While we certainly won’t leave her totally untreated, we, as a family, are trying to weight the benefits, risks and quality of life issues associated with putting a dog that age through twice weekly trips to the vet for treatment, some of which will require day-long stays for IV infusion of the chemo drugs. Although I’ve had labs most of my life, Maggie has been with us for the vast majority of our children’s lives and for a quarter of mine and my wife’s. Thus, this will be a very difficult family decision.

I’m guessing Maggie will be getting “take out” from our anniversary dinner.

There are three faithful friends — an old wife, an old dog, and ready money.

Ben Franklin

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