Weekend marginalia

Catch-up items from what was a very hectic last seven days:

  • Probably a good thing they were Buddhists.
  • Crawdaddy, one of the music magazines I grew up with, is now an on-line publication after a several decade absence. (Via.)
  • I might have appreciated this article on SF writers without the references to them being “deviant” or “crazy” thinkers.
  • Speaking of SF, James Dryden asks what happened to the SF that questioned the world around us while Pop Matters asks if serious SF film is dying. (Both via.)
  • Also recent SF related, reclusive author Cormac McCarthy supposedly will appear on Oprah June 5 to talk with her about The Road.
  • I don’t know if this is a commentary on the state of the particular artist or the music business today. Either way, sad is an understatement. (Via.)
  • Ray Bradbury gives an interesting take on Fahrenheit 451 I had never considered before.
  • John Scalzi, from whom this came, put it best: Don’t blog your own trial, you moron.

We contemplate eternity
Beneath the vast indifference of heaven

“The Indifference of Heaven,” Warren Zevon, Learning to Flinch

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