Midweek marginalia

A Romanian man’s lawsuit against God has been dismissed, in part because God “does not have an address.” (Via.) The Internet Archive has embarked on the ambitious Open Library project with the grand goal of creating an online library every book published. (Via.) While the video (NSFW) could be considered racist, it seems a […]

Book Review: The Trap by Daniel Brook

It’s one of the sound bites that seems to have continuing resonance: Democrats, particularly liberals, love to “tax and spend.” Yet as reflected in Daniel Brook’s The Trap, the kernel of truth that lies in the epithet is that what liberals really advocate is fair taxation with spending tailored to needs that benefit the nation […]

British SF and post 9/11 civil liberties

There’s been a variety of talk about post-9/11 literature in the U.S. Several novels, most recently Don DeLillo’s Falling Man, have explored the territory. Still, two recent releases by British SF authors Brian Aldiss and Ken MacLeod made me realize they seem to be most directly addressing and questioning the impact of 9/11 and the […]

Catch up marginalia

Because of my trip and the consequences that always flow from being gone, a couple items probably should have been posted before or during my travels.

Ursula Le Guin blasts Slate for describing genre fiction as a “decaying corpse.” July 7 marked the centenary of Robert Heinlein’s birth. There were at least two panels on […]

Book Review: Gradisil by Adam Roberts

Although certainly the exception and not the rule, science fiction is sometimes viewed as little more than the American western set in space. It tends to stem from placing characters with an independent streak as pioneers or settlers in new frontiers. If you imagine this trope placed in the hands of a British professor of […]

Readercon wrap up

I meant to get this done earlier but catching up from my trip and other sundry items interfered. Anyway:

There’s a bit of a dustup here and there over a Readercon panel on reviewing in the blogosphere. I attended that panel and, like some commenters to one of the linked posts, felt blog reviews (as […]