Sunday morning marginalia

May as well wrap up the week (or kick off a new one depending on your point of view) with another round of marginalia:

  • While we must wait to see just how comparable he may be, a South Dakota Blog Watch Man replicant is on the loose.
  • Why would anyone be surprised by this? (Via.)
  • Working Mother magazine picks the 50 best law firms for women. The nearest is Minneapolis-headquartered Dorsey & Whitney. And because a high school classmate of mine is a partner in the St. Louis office, I’ll also mention that Chicago-based Sonnenschein, Nath & Rosenthal made the list.
  • So maybe the concept of local newspapers trying to establish a presence on the Internet wasn’t that good an idea. Still, it appears that not only is Gannett/the Argus still wedded to the idea, the paper’s going to push online “hyperlocalism” starting Monday morning.
  • Scott Esposito talks about some of the factors that lead him to put a book down unfinished.

All of life is a foreign country.

Jack Kerouac letter, quoted in
The Beat Vision: A Primary Sourcebook

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