Friday marginalia

  • Maybe I need to read some of Nobel Prize laureate Doris Lessing‘s work as she sounds like my kind of person. Her response to winning the literature prize? “Oh Christ, I couldn’t care less!”
  • Earlier this week I finally got around to watching the 60 Minutes piece on Bruce Springsteen. You need to see it in its entirety if you can but this excerpt reinforces exactly what I said in my last post about him. I’m starting to think we need a Jon Stewart-Bruce Springsteen ticket in 2008.
  • Kurt Andersen nails it: “When it comes to free speech, we need to let a hundred flowers bloom. We need to chill. We need to stop being pussies.” (Via.)
  • The WaPo has started a book blog where each week a staff member recommends a list of five favorite books on a particular subject . (Via.)
  • You’d think when someone leaves 9,000 books to a state university library and up to half of them are expected to be used by the library it would draw the attention of more than just the student newspaper.
  • A survey shows that nearly “a quarter of the 1,324 industry professionals who took part … predicted that the high street bookseller would no longer exist in 2057.” I guess I’m not personally concerned since I doubt I’ll be around to notice. (Via.)
  • Given the fact I rarely complete television series DVDs, I’m glad to see that season 1 of The Wire is now on HBO On Demand. It’s a series that has come highly recommended but I haven’t wanted to jump into four years in.
  • My television time has increased dramatically with a subscription to NHL Center Ice.  It’s fascinating to watch Canadian broadcasts. For example, during a game early this week the Canadian play-by-play announcer said he was repeating who got the assists on a goal because he knew there were people at home keeping track of that info for their fantasy pools. Plainly, he wasn’t talking about Americans.

In university they don’t tell you that the greater part of the law is learning to tolerate fools.

Doris Lessing, Martha Quest

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