Weekend Edition: 3-21

Random Observations

To the extent I have heroes today, here’s two of them: Bruce and Jon.

While I realize Google is intent on taking over the interweb, I’ve started playing with its Chrome browser and it is fair competition for Firefox. Chrome, though, really needs to follow Firefox’s extensions concept and, reportedly, a new beta […]

That interweb thingy in South Dakota jury rooms

Think the recent news about jurors using Twitter and Google during trials is limited to more populated areas? Think again. Next week the South Dakota Supreme Court will hear arguments in a case where a new trial was granted because of a juror’s use of Google before the trial even started.

The case involves a […]

Midweek Music Moment: Harvest, Neil Young

Millions of people like me grew up with Neil Young being a significant contributor to the soundtrack to their youth. From Buffalo Springfield to Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young, to his exceptional work with Crazy Horse and solo, Young was a pervasive influence. Yet despite so many songs considered absolute classics today — “Cinnamon Girl,” […]

And I think I’ve got too many books

An interesting item in The Guardian today:

More than 9,000 books are missing from the British Library, including Renaissance treatises on theology and alchemy, a medieval text on astronomy, first editions of 19th- and 20th-century novels, and a luxury edition of Mein Kampf produced in 1939 to celebrate Hitler’s 50th birthday.

The library […]

Is it cliché to talk about clichés?

So, someone’s come up with another list of the most annoying clichés book reviewers use. There’s 20 of them compared to the last list, which contained “seven deadly words” for reviewers.

So, how big an offender am I? Here’s what a search of the 158 posts in my “Book Reviews” category shows:

Gripping — 0 […]

Weekend Edition: 3-14

Bulletin Board

Congrats to Terry Woster for the commemoration by the state House of Representatives honoring him for his contributions to the state. Among other things, it accurately recognizes his “healthy cynicism” and that he is “a rural Renaissance Man.”

A note to fellow WordPress users: Don’t be surprised if assholes with an IP address […]