Friday Follies 1.15

Peeping Tom threatens lawsuit against homeowner who installed video cameras that led to his arrest. (Via.)

Questionable post-law school decisions, Part 1: A Stanford law graduate has been sentenced to one year of home detention and ordered to pay $243,000 for failing to pay taxes on money earned running an escort service. Cristina Warthen allegedly claimed online that she paid off some $300,000 in student debt by her offering herself for “companionship.”

Stupid post-law school decisions, Part II: The sentencing judge also imposed an order barring Warthen from continuing to advertise her escort services while on home detention because she continued to advertise her “escort services” on the Internet while awaiting sentencing.

Lawyer loses all but $55,000 of $2.5 million in settlement money belonging to his clients after transferring the money to his own online brokerage account to use for day trading. (Via.)

The aim of law is the maximum gratification of the nervous system of man.

Judge Learned Hand, quoted in Time, May 5, 1958

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  • Tim I can hardly believe these two. The first obvioulsy can only be quiet when … oh never mind … and the second thought John Grisham's The Partner was fact not fiction.