Music Review: Santana, Guitar Heaven: The Greatest Guitar Classics of All Time

Sometime in the summer of 1999, I popped Santana’s Supernatural into the CD player in one of our vehicles. From the back seat, I heard one of my kids (aged 8 to 13) ask in the combination disdainful/incredulous tone only kids can achieve, “Since when did you start listening to Santana?” They were just a […]

Weekend Edition 9-25

Bulletin Board

The Festival of Books was a success, at least from my perspective. A lengthier post will follow in the day or so. And I only came home with four new books — unless you count the DVD I got from Michael Hart of Project Gutenberg. It has more than 29,500 books on it. […]

Friday Follies 2.32

Easy way for an attorney to get disbarred: ask your client to get cocaine for you.

Of course, if you actually snort the cocaine in the courthouse while you’re representing a man charged with murder, you get two days in jail and have to perform 240 hours of community service. (In fairness, the Minnesota disciplinary […]

Cultural convergence

There seems to be a cultural convergence happening here. Or maybe I’m just noticing because four of my favorite things are involved — music, books, film and hockey.

It started last night with a George Winston concert. Perhaps because he records on the Windham Hill label, Winston gets placed in the “New Age” category. (Question: […]

Book Review: Starting from Scratch by Susan Gilbert-Collins

Preferring discretion over valor, I won’t refer to Starting from Scratch, the first novel from South Dakota native Susan Gilbert-Collins, as “chick lit.” So, how about “food lit”?

All right, while the book involves cooking from scratch and is interspersed with recipes, that also is probably a little too flip Gilbert-Collins, in fact, is looking […]

Weekend Edition: 9-18

Bulletin Board

The South Dakota Festival of Books begins Thursday evening and runs through the weekend. Although there is no fee to attend most sessions, you need to register. You can register online through Monday and at the event. You can also buy tickets for the workshops and special events through Wednesday. A complete schedule […]