Friday Follies 3.18

For future reference, there is no First Amendment right to attend illegal cockfights.

A hunter in Alaska is suing the National Park Service for threatening to prosecute him if he keeps hunting moose from his hovercraft in a federal preserve.

Meanwhile, in nearby British Columbia a man who was abandoned as a teenager is being sued by his elderly mother for parental support. (via)

Maybe you shouldn’t apply for a job at a jail if you have an outstanding warrant for manslaughter.

Things you don’t want a federal appeals court to say, Part 278: Your pleading “crossed the line from just ‘unnecessarily long’ to ‘unintelligible'” and much of your writing “is little more than gibberish.” (via)

A securities fraud lawyer in the New York Attorney General’s office has been suspended following news reports she has an outside job as a dominatrix.

The “Black Hills” are not black; they are verdant green. The Black Hills are not hills; they are mountains.

Smith v. City of Rapid City, 307 N.W.2d 598 (S.D. 1981)
(Justice Henderson concurring in part and dissenting in part)

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