Banned Books Week: Top 10 challenged books of 2010

Although it was recently called an exercise in propaganda, Banned Books Week is here again, being “celebrated” today to October 1. At the risk of being called a propagandist, I’m going to try to again have daily posts on the topic for the week. (Although I can’t say I’m a fan of this year’s poster. […]

Weekend Edition: 9-24

Bulletin Board

A relatively early edition this weekend because I am today enjoying several games and three of the greatest words in the world: “Let’s play hockey!”

Worthwhile Reading in the Interweb Tubes

My God, It’s Full of Stars (“…we have the technology and capability to feed, clothe, house and provide for every human being […]

Friday Follies 3.18

For future reference, there is no First Amendment right to attend illegal cockfights.

A hunter in Alaska is suing the National Park Service for threatening to prosecute him if he keeps hunting moose from his hovercraft in a federal preserve.

Meanwhile, in nearby British Columbia a man who was abandoned as a teenager is being […]

Friends don’t let friends’ books commit suicide

I don’t usually post just pictures, particularly when they’re from so-called social media. But Random House, Inc., said so much with this picture and short slogan posted on its Facebook page that I needed to pass it along.

If television does that to inanimate objects, just think of its effect on brain cells.

[T]he […]

Weekend Edition: 9-17

Bulletin Board

Siouxland Libraries is today celebrating its 125th anniversary.

Interesting Reading in the Interweb Tubes

Jon Stewart and the Burden of History (“Now, you have to understand Jon Stewart is just like everybody else: He can be a dick.”)

The Dark Side of the Placebo Effect: When Intense Belief Kills (“Laotian immigrants of […]

Friday Follies 3.17

A 290-pound stockbroker is suing White Castle because he could not fit in the booths at one of its restaurants in New York.

A law firm, of all places, reportedly threatened to fire an employee who was selected as a juror in a lengthy murder trial.

Tampa Bay Woman Arrested for Stripping at Club That […]