Book Review: Dakota, Or What’s a Heaven For by Brenda K. Marshall

I’ll be honest. Brenda K. Marshall started out with a couple strikes against her. First, she is from North Dakota. Second, she has since moved to one of those areas where people tend to call this “Dakota,” without regard for north or south, and may either shake their heads or seem astonished to meet someone […]

Weekend Edition: 11-5

Interesting Reading in the Interweb Tubes

America’s New Generation Gap: Optimism (“Struggling to survive the now makes it difficult to envision a better tomorrow.”)

Oddest Genre Blending Blog Question of the Week

Could the Enterprise beam a vampire into a house she didn’t have permission to enter?

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The craze for long books


Book Review: And So It Goes: Kurt Vonnegut: A Life by Charles J. Shields

“Idols are best when they’re made of stone,” Joan Baez wrote in a song about Bob Dylan, the songwriting voice of a generation. It could also apply to a man many viewed as being the literary hero of the counterculture. As Charles J. Shields shows in his outstanding biography of the author, Vonnegut was far […]

November Bibliolust

This month’s list is quite short, largely because my lust diminishes when I have books stacked up to review and plenty of other books that I really, really want to read. I guess that is one of the things about being an adult — common sense can put a damper on lust and distinguish between […]