Past Reads

I’ve been keeping track of the books I read in a handwritten journal since 1975. When the computer age dawned — or when it felt like the thing to do — I also kept track in a program on my home PC. Although this blog began in September 2003, I didn’t change the focus to books for a couple years. As a result, my reading lists on the blog go back only to 2005.

While I will maintain a separate page for the current year, I’m collecting the lists from prior years here. They include not only a list of the books read but, where applicable, links to my reviews of the books. They will also have a link to my books of the year for that year, as well as(eventually) a statistical breakdown of that year’s reading. All this is being brought about by the fact that a list of the books read since 2005 makes for one really, really, really long page.

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