That secrecy obsession

The obsession with secrecy continues. The government wants to seal the courtroom for oral arguments in the Moussaoui appeal.

The docket sheet for the appeal also makes for some interesting reading. Some of Moussaoui’s pro se pleadings include “No appeal for a wannebe Catho-Facho and A Boudist Americain Kamikaze,” “No appeal for Americain B- […]

Congrats to Stars and Stripes

Hats off to Stars and Stripes, the “hometown newspaper” for those in the service. It is running Ground Truth, a series aimed at trying “to find out what the ground truth was in Iraq” from the viewpoint of those actually serving there. The series includes a survey completed by 1,935 service members covering items ranging […]

Bring It On, Part II?

Maybe I’m just paranoid but it seems to me that there’s a very unattractive flaw in this flypaper theory. Does it strike anyone else that with the mantra, “we’re fighting ’em there so we don’t have to fight ’em in our own streets,” Bush, Cheney, et. al are simply issuing an open invitation for terrorists […]

The Big Time?

Hey, the blog finally made it to Google. Don’t know that anyone’s linked or otherwise commented but what the heck. Somebody somewhere must have noticed somehow.

Military drops Gitmo agreement for journalists

According to Behind the Homefront, the US military is dropping the plan to require journalists visiting Gitmo to agree not to ask questions about “ongoing operations, future operations or investigations that are pending.” (It also gives me the opportunity to remedy by oversight of failing to mention this site, run by the Reporters Committee for […]