Nattering Nabobs of Positivity

I’ve about had it with the blithering and dithering over the capture of Saddam. As much as Bush and crew would like us to believe this is the greatest thing since the end of World War II, the fact is it ain’t gonna change a thing.

There still are no WMDs found and the only ties to al Queda have been created by our invasion (the good ole’ flypaper theory — which appears to be working all too well. And Doonesbury nailed the idiocy of this approach using my state as an example). Of course, when Saddam tells the interrogators there were no WMDs or ties to al Queda, they’ll just say it’s more of his lies.

Moreover, Saddam wasn’t directing the “insurgency” and his arrest sure isn’t going to slow it down. In fact, my guess is more people have died in the days since his capture than did the week before.

The only thing Saddam’s capture is really good for is to provide visual support for the administration’s post hoc rationalization that we invaded Iraq to free the Iraqis. It accomplishes little, if anything, else. The talking heads have been too busy crowing about the capture to talk about reality. Fortunately, there are people like Christopher Scheer, who may have one of the best analyses of the reality of the situation I’ve seen. Counterspin Central also nails it

Of course, anybody making this point is nothing more than a traitor. As usual, Tom Tomorrow puts this on paper in his inimitable way.

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