It never ends

I have a habit of listening to NPR on my Walkman most mornings as I doze a bit before finally getting my carcass out of bed. I thought maybe I was dreaming when I heard what Dick Cheney was saying in an interview on Morning Edition. Of course, I expected the goofy spin that Saddam had “programs” to develop WMD (the spin the Bushies have used since they can’t find the stockpiles they claimed existed a year ago). The “mobile labs” for biological weapons showed a little bit less touch with reality since both Kay and our own people disproved that one. What floored me, though, was saying “there was overwhelming evidence of a connection with al Qaeda and the Iraqi government.” From loss of touch with the real world to continuing to insist that their inventions are the real world. Put simply, just more flat out lies. It will never end. For a great lowdown on the interview, see The Progress Report.

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