Ted Takes After ‘Em

Meant to post this before but it kind of slipped by (like too many other things). Ted Rall nailed it Saturday in commenting on David Kay’s interview with Reuters regarding the fact there are no WMD. An excerpt:

[A]ll of the statements about WMDs–they have them, we know they have them, we even know where they are–were a lie. Every one of the 500 US troops and the thousands of Iraqis who have died since the start of the war has died for that lie.


Sadly, there’s no sign that any American will do anything to defend our democracy from Bush’s goons. The French may have lost to Germany in six weeks, but they had Panzers to contend with. What’s our excuse? We’ve been taken over by a dozen fascist idiots in suits and ties and we haven’t done squat about it.

If you haven’t before, keep an eye on Ted’s comic strip. Plus, as you’ll see from the first link, he’s got a book coming out in April called, “Wake Up… You’re Liberal.” His “To Afghanistan and Back” and “Search and Destroy” are also worth picking up.

(Didn’t mean for this to be an ad, but….)

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