Another South Dakota congressional comment

I (and others) noticed that when Kos posted something about visiting Stephanie Herseth’s campaign, he ran her picture with it. That is not disturbing. What is somewhat irritating is all the “she’s a babe” comments showing up in connection with the post. Hey guys, believe it or nor, those of us who will actually go […]

G@dd##$it Tom!

As I’ve blogged before, I like Tom Daschle. He’s my Senator and was truly one of the few politicians I actually had a lot of respect for during the days I was covering them. But the upcoming race against John Thune appears to be affecting his public discourse already. According to the Rapid City Journal, […]

Taking its toll

Sure, it’s a long way between now and November. But Iraq and everything appears to be taking its toll. Even here, where Bush won big in 2000, the latest poll shows less than half rated Bush favorably. Moreover, his favorable rating dropped from 58 percent in August, a drop of 11 percent in six months. […]

Still vastly outnumbered

Here’s part of the reason I talk about being vastly outnumbered.

My legislature recently passed a resolution “recognizing the substantial public contribution of gun shows.” Among other things, it states gun shows not only “provide an invaluable community-based opportunity” for “law-abiding citizens” to exercise their constitutional rights, they “aspire to be wholesome family events that […]

If he only had a brain

“I know in my heart and my brain that America ain’t what’s wrong in the world.” Donald Rumsfeld to the Munich Conference on Security Policy. That’s true. But what’s wrong with America is Rumsfeld, Bush, Cheney and Aschroft and that’s why we’re perceived to be what’s wrong in the world.