SD GOP discovers “secret” web page

I feel somewhat embarrassed that Kos caught this and I was unaware. According to the Associated Press, the South Dakota GOP claims Stephanie Herseth is “maintaining a secret Web page to receive campaign donations raised from ads on liberal groups’ Internet sites.”

The “secret Web page” is actually the page you’re taken to if you click on ads on some blogs soliciting contributions for Stephanie’s campaign. To my knowledge, most, if not all, of these ads are not donations. There is a charge for them. I’d say any idiot can find the “secret Web page” but I guess my home state GOP is too stupid (or they are following the lead of the liar-in-chief and believe lies work better than the truth). I am impressed they may actually be looking at blogs that contain those ads. At least this way they’re exposed to some truth. Whether it sinks in is another matter.

Oh, by the way. Here’s the secret Web page. Put it to use.

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