Will the 2004 Election Be Called Off?

That’s the title of an interesting column by Maureen Farrell at It analyzes whether another major terrorist attack on US soil could result in the suspension of the election. You might call it hysteria or overreaction but for the fact it is filled with links to various legitimate sources. (Via Cursor).

As Things Crumble

Crumble may be too nice a word for what’s developing in Iraq. Because so much is happening, here’s a couple random thoughts and links.

I am not a big Bill Moyers fan. I do, though, recommend his new column on AlterNet. His comments that terrorism is worth fighting but the foot soldiers shouldn’t be the […]

The proverbial straw?

If the news reports of firing missiles into or bombing at or near a mosque filled with people are accurate, we may have done more to obliterate any hopes for success in Iraq than we can recover from. An AP story indicates “Shiite-inspired violence spread to nearly all of the country.” Remember, the Shiites are […]

Fair and balanced

This isn’t “journalism” so I won’t contend that what appears here will be balanced. It should, though, at least be fair enough to point out potential errors. Josh Marshall notes there may be a legitimate reason for Bush’s “Who are you talking to?” remark to a news reporter yesterday. It appears the reporter may have […]

Odds and ends

A few items catching my attention today:

When an AP reporter calls him “Sir,” instead of “Mr. President,” the liar-in-chief says, “Who are you talking to? UN weapons inspector Hans Blix says the costs of the war in Iraq outweighed the benefits of removing Saddam. He also says, “Bush declared war as a part of […]