There goes that liberal media again

Seems the press is all agog about the Swift Boat controversy. Two questions.

Where is and was all the press coverage about Bush being AWOL (and lying about it) while avoiding Vietnam?

Isn’t it interesting all these people remember being with Kerry on that particular day but, as far as I know, no one has […]

Tort reform and conservative “justice”

The uproar over the US Chamber of Commerce ads attacking Tom Daschle for his position on tort reform coincided with a germinating thought. Tort reform seems indicative of the conservative attitudes toward not only individual rights but also the legal system and the concept of justice.

Advocates of tort reform generally refer to frivolous lawsuits […]

Worth the time (catch-up edition)

Dahlia Lithwick’s excellent column in last Sunday’s NY Times regarding “re-activist judges.” David Ignatius’ column on the true dangers of politicizing terror. Not only does the Iraqi Olympic soccer team object to being used in Bush campaign ads, some of them say if they were not in Athens they would join the resistance. (Via […]

Apologizing before he goes

U.S. Rep. Doug Bereuter (R.-Neb.) wrote his constituents to say the invasion of Iraq was a mistake. Why does this GOP congressman have the guts to do this? Apparently because he’s not seeking re-election.

You at least have to give Bereuter, vice chair of the House Intelligence Committee and senior member of the House International […]

Survey sez: Politicizing terror works

Via Cursor, I see there’s a new Pew Research Center study on foreign policy attitudes. The entire survey is worth looking at but it is revealing on the effects of the politicization of terror.

“Currently, four-in-ten Americans (41%) cite international and defense issues such as the Iraq war and terrorism as the most important problems […]