Catching up

Just back from a quick vacation squeezed (as usual) between the end of summer activities and the beginning of school-related activities. As a result, just starting to catch up on news, blogs, etc. A few items:

I have two e-mail addresses with a particular ISP — one is private (known only to certain friends […]

Secrecy, terror and politics

Sporadic blogging at best next week or so but here’s something I’ve noticed recently.

The Bushies are considered the most secretive administration in US history. When someone from the Nixon White House says Bush tries to “govern by secrecy,” you gotta wonder. But look at all the top-notch intelligence info that’s been in the press […]

Dreams and reality

Dubya, May 1, 2003:

“Major combat operations in Iraq have ended.”

Associated Press, August 12, 2004 (emphasis added):

Thousands of U.S. and Iraqi soldiers launched a major assault on militiamen loyal to a radical Shiite cleric Thursday, with explosions and gunfire echoing near Najaf’s revered Imam Ali shrine and its vast cemetery. . […]

Worth the time

Lots of good stuff the past few days:

Walter Laqueur’s lengthy but excellent examination of sources of terrorism. (Via Arts & Letters Daily). William Watkins’ assessment of civil liberties this election season appearing at History News Network. Just for the sake of balance, I note HNN also has this slightly less recent column rebutting some […]

Way too scary

AP reports that a forthcoming book indicates Clarence Thomas has been interviewed by White House lawyers as a possible choice for the next chief justice of the US Supreme Court. I won’t completely examine where Thomas is on the issues. Let’s just look at his approach toward the “pledge case” last term.

The issue that […]