Worth the time

Limited blogging ahead as “foreign relations” take precedence — the World Cup of Hockey in St. Paul. USA vs. Russia Thursday and v. Slovokia Friday. Thus, a longer edition of Worth The Time.

  • Slate’s William Saletan on What does 9/11 tell us about Bush?
  • AlterNet excerpts a portion of a new book arguing that Bush is trying to transform the US into a Christian theocracy.
  • Cursor, an everyday “must read,” has started derelection, a blog “covering the coverage” of the election.
  • I’ve posted a link before but given all the vomitus spewing from the RNC about the Great Misleader, it’s worth a repost: Bush in 41.2 Seconds. (Soundcard necessary).
  • Doug Wiken at Dakota Today has had about all he can stand from the Repugnican convention drivel and is firing back.
  • Todd Epp looks at the Daschle-Bush hug ad. (I challenge anyone to find an anti-Daschle blog that contains a critical word about Thune or his campaign.)
  • Dissident Voice has two thought-provoking pieces. M. Junaid Alam takes a critical look at the concept of “winning” the so-called war on terror while Canadian John Chuckman takes what can only be called a harsh look at America’s squandering of September 11.

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