Worth the time

  • Maureen Dowd sums the Bushies up nicely: “You know how bad the situation is when the president’s choice for attorney general has to formally pledge not to support torture anymore.”
  • She also mentions something I missed over the holidays. Why is it that Clarence Thomas is accepting $42,000 in gifts, including batteries and tires?
  • Tom Engelhardt uses the Indian Ocean tsunami as a launching pad for looking at what we have become in his latest Tomgram.
  • I have not been keeping up on it but Paul Krugman will be essential reading on the Social Security privatization issue. You can find his columns in this archive. (Proud Liberal also appears to be more closely following the issue with posts such as this and this.)
  • Speaking of Social Security, take a look at what Josh Marshall has to say about the Repugnican strategy.

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