Stumbling around the web

Yesterday, I started playing with a new extension for the Firefox browser called StumbleUpon. It takes you to random web sites based upon interest areas you select. It’s kind of a fun toy and here’s just a select few of the sites to which it took me:

  • is devoted to classic rock and classic rock musicians/bands, defined by the site as “artists who were at their peak from 1955 to 1980.” Perhaps most impressive are the extensive and in-depth band and individual biographies.
  • While I might take issue with a few things at The Best Page In The Universe, it gets an A for attitude. Of course, you would expect that from a site that announces, “If you disagree with anything you find on this page, you are wrong.”
  • We all know — or should know — that our laws have not kept up with our technology. Chilling Effects Clearinghouse focuses on the “cease and desist” letters that often pop up in the conflict between the internet, intellectual property law and the First Amendment.
  • Finally, perhaps apropos given my last post, is The Cynic’s Sanctuary. As might be expected, I almost aced The Official Cynic’s Self-Test. At least I’m in good company.

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