Is this why I’m addicted to “Deadwood”?

From Frank Rich in the NYT:

[L]et me recommend the series that probably has more four-letter words, with or without participles, than any in TV history. That would be “Deadwood” on HBO. Its linguistic gait befits its chapter of American history, the story of a gold-rush mining camp in the Dakota Territory of the late […]

A superfluous Link

It doesn’t take long to get an indication of the quality of Link (online version here), the new tabloid entertainment supplement from the Argus. The first three pages are nothing but advertisements.

The Beckster gives it front page billing as the product of “months of work” intended to give readers “the most relevant and sophisticated […]

U2 to Omaha

I’m not a huge fan of U2 and thought How To Dismantle An Atomic Bomb didn’t hold a candle to All That You Can’t Leave Behind. Still, the band has be considered one of today’s supergroups and Omaha’s Qwest Center is on the tour calendar for Dec. 15. I’ve seen one concert there and was […]

Stumbling around the web

Yesterday, I started playing with a new extension for the Firefox browser called StumbleUpon. It takes you to random web sites based upon interest areas you select. It’s kind of a fun toy and here’s just a select few of the sites to which it took me: is devoted to classic rock and classic […]

Reinforcing my conclusions about politics

Because my professional and personal life requires the devotion of time, thought and effort to clients, family and others, my blogging and reading of other blogs is sporadic at best. Catching up on the SD blogosphere brought to a head something that has been simmering for a while — renewed belief in the validity of […]