More trouble for events center?

I’ve noted before that the projected cost of the proposed events center could mean it will never be a reality. I think the uproar over the mayor breaking city rules (a/k/a/ the law) and overspending to complete the Phillips-to-the-Falls project ahead of schedule means even more trouble for the events center.

First, it reinforces public concern about priorities for how and where tax money is being spent. People see other needs for city funds, such as various storm sewer problems and the city’s growing water needs.

Second, it reinforces distrust about the mayor’s desire to locate the events center downtown. Many believe the rush to complete Phillips-to-the-Falls was to help build a case for a downtown events center. I think it likely significant numbers of voters see this as part of a plan to shove the downtown location down their throat. This perception may increase the “No” votes on an events center.

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