Weekend marginalia

  • The Serenity trailer created a bit of buzz at Yahoo. Searches went up 95 percent on or following its release.
  • The Dakota Activist Musicians Network (DAMN) has launched a zine called The Prairie Fire. Issue #1, consisting primarily of politically-oriented analysis, prose and poetry, is available at the online library of
  • Thomas Sipos takes an interesting look at the modern day relevance of Kurt Vonnegut’s first novel, Player Piano at
  • Ted Rall’s latest cartoon shows an aspect of why this blog moved away from a political focus.
  • That said, a political-oriented note: Although displaying a bit of naivete over religious messages at a Fellowship of Christian Athletes function, a tip of the hat to the Argus-Leader’s Stu Whitney for Friday’s column on using it as a bully pulpit for a religious right political agenda.

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