Well, at least it ain’t Barney

Not sure what to think about this. Chicago’s Field Museum is joining forces with a children’s music publisher to release a CD described as a “musical birthday party in celebration of Sue the T. Rex’s 5th anniversary” at the museum. For those who don’t know, the bones were discovered here in South Dakota in 1990 (and sparked extensive civil and criminal litigation). Naturally, then, the CD contains a Texas swing tune called “How Do You Get To South Dakota?” They’ve even enticed Al Jarreau to narrate the CD and sing at least one tune (although not Texas swing).

This case concerns the care and custodianship of a 65 million-year-old pile of bones named Sue.

Black Hills Institute v. Dept. of Justice, 967 F.2d 1237, 1238 (8th Cir. 1992)

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