Legal, local and political footnotes

  • I am not going to weigh in or expound on the Ten Commandments decisions at this point. The best discussion is probably over at SCOTUSblog.
  • On a somewhat related note, here’s one self-help approach if you object to “In God We Trust” on currency.
  • Discussion here lately is that a rec center will move forward ahead of an events center because of, among other things, the need to relocate railroad tracks downtown. Seems to me that is an issue only if the events center is located downtown. Evidently I and the rest of the public were absent the day that decision was made.
  • So the Great Misleader trots out the same old, same old — 9/11, bin Laden, yada, yada, yada. What I found interesting is the following pot calling the kettle black phrase in the speech: Bush condemned the insurgency as an ideology that “rejects tolerance and despises all dissent.”
  • Finally, here’s an opportunity to calculate the size of your global footprint. (Via memepool).

Irreverence is the champion of liberty and its only sure defense.

Mark Twain, Notebook (1888)

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