Riffs, marginalia and dicta

  • The NYT examines (registration required…or BugMeNot) the forthcoming Dylan documentary by Martin Scorsese (to be aired on PBS a week after its release on DVD) and the just-released related soundtrack.
  • The Guardian explores the forthcoming Bruce Springsteen symposium at Monmouth University.
  • The WaPo takes a look at the various aspects of Amazon’s “Search Inside This Book” functionality. (Again, registration required…or BugMeNot).
  • Michael Kazin makes an excellent point in the latest issue of Mother Jones on why liberals/the left may be mistaken in considering the Supreme Court to be the front line in the battle for certain rights and principles:

    For a vibrant, self-confident left, the Court should be the first resort only for those people, such as lawyerless prisoners, who have little chance to sway public opinion on their own. But when it comes to the broader rights of citizens, the focus on blocking right-wing justices, pursued to the near-exclusion of other issues, can take up too much of the vigor and resources needed for the core undertaking of democratic politics: mobilizing ordinary Americans to support a vision of social justice, and fielding candidates able to carry it out.

  • This week’s Sutton Impact is a keeper.
  • Check out Scott Hudson’s rant on the TV talking heads and hurricane coverage. It’s exactly what I think with each storm that gets live national or local coverage.
  • Straight Talk chimes in with some excellent points on the JAIL measure.

  • Maureen Dowd is no more qualified to have opinions than I am.

    Mick Jagger on “Sweet Neo-Con” in USA Today

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