You know you’re old when

As part of my post-surgery recovery, my orthopedist told me to walking every day and build up to two miles a day within a month of surgery. A bit of rain kept me from walking early this morning so, after a couple hours at work, I decided to get in at least 35 minutes when I got home this afternoon.

About 2/3 of the way through, I am walking along at my regular pace (not fast but enough that I have a bit of a sweat) listening to my MP3 player when I heard a noise behind. I moved over and saw the front wheel of one of those three-wheeled baby carriers starting to go by. I figured it’s probably just some one out jogging or power walking with their child. I then notice it’s woman passing me — that she is walking — and pregnant. As she passes me, I also notice she is wearing weights on each ankle.

Fortunately, I was near the local convenience store on my route so I stopped and picked up a 42-ounce ice tea to drown my chagrin on the way home.

Is that really me in the mirror?
Is that me in this picture?
Could it be I’ve lived through all those years?

“Is That Me?”, The Uninvited, The Uninvited

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