Marginalia and local dicta (Updated)

A few recent odds and ends now that the Thanksgiving and snow break have ended and I’ve looked at something other than a book:

  • I’m a big fan of Wikipedia. Now comes Wiktionary and it looks quite intriguing. Now I just need Firefox to add it to the options for its search box so I can save a step in that search for the right word. (Via Roberson’s Interminable Ramble).
  • South Dakota War College takes a good look at JAIL and its author. Go. Read.
  • Joel Rosenthal at Straight Talk gives his view on next week’s rec center election. I know the Sioux Falls Snowfox was pushing the “Vote Yes” stickers in a big way at the weekend this past weekend’s swim meet. My daughter claims we are the only Snowfox family without a “Vote Yes” yard sign. I don’t yard sign (if that be a verb).
  • On an indirectly related note, the local daily is just gorging itself on the Zip Feeds tower coming down this weekend. I know it’s a big building that’s going to go boom and fall down but the day after day after day stories really are overkill. I do see one potentially good thing coming from the effort to draw people there to watch. Maybe the press and public will get a real idea of just how difficult it is to get people to and from this site, which is where the city wants to put the proposed events center. Of course, odds are the local daily will probably be in such rapture watching the building coming down that it won’t notice.
  • Maybe it’s because I happen to live on an emergency snow route, but I thought the snow removal people did quite well handling the first snow storm of the season. And while I still want someone to explain how the amount of snow increases geometrically beyond any sense of rationality when the snowplow pushes it from the street into your driveway, I’ll let that go and point you instead to a MinusCar snow day story.

A lot of people like snow. I find it to be an unnecessary freezing of water.

Carl Reiner

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