Marginalia, notes and self-promotion

  • Charlie Stross, he who writes SF that makes your brain hurt (in a good way) has posted an interesting “conspiracy theory.” To use one of his shorthand descriptions, we can blame William Gladstone for the mess in Iraq today. Since Gladstone died more than 100 years ago, go read Charlie’s blog entry to find out why.
  • Evidently the Columbia Journalism Review is hinting that it doesn’t hurt to be part of the family to get your book on the NYT’s list of notable books of the year. (Via Conversational Reading).
  • Scott Hudson has posted his own Guide to Bruce Springsteen. Overall, I agree but might switch a few things around on his list.
  • My Blogcritics review of Beasts of No Nation was selected as an “Editors’ Pick of the Week” at that site.
  • Although I still consider myself an illiterati, I have become a member of a new “litblog” network, MetaxuCafé. Check it out when you have a chance.

Forget what life used to be
You are what you choose to be
It’s whatever it is you see
That life will become

Jackson Browne, “The Fuse,” The Pretender

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