Thune: Constitution? What Constitution?

So what does John Thune say about Bush authorizing domestic spying? “I will not fault them for exercising the steps they thought necessary to protect the American people.” Apparently, the question of whether those steps tread on federal law or the Constitution is irrelevant.

By the way, Thune’s rationale also works quite well to justify […]

Book Review: Festivus: The Holiday for the Rest of Us (2005)

As Festivus approaches (Dec. 23), today is also the anniversary of the December 18, 1997, airing of the Seinfeld episode that gave the “holiday” its current renown in popular culture. In honor of that anniversary, I am going to invoke a Festivus tradition a tad early — the Airing of Grievances. My grievance is directed […]

Thumbs down

A big thumbs down on the votes cast by Stephanie Herseth and Tim Johnson this week on the renewal of the so-called Patriot Act. Herseth voted Wednesday to reauthorize and extend various controversial provisions. Johnson was one of two Democrats to vote today to end a filibuster on the measure in the U.S. Senate. Not […]

Random notes and promotion

Book list update: Don’t know what it says about me or Slate, but I’ve actually read more of its selections for best books of 2005 than any other list I’ve seen so far. My list will come later ’cause you never know what might a person might read in the next two weeks. Blatant […]

Book Review: Godless (2004)

How often is it you find a book for young adults that objectively discusses things like agnosticism and faith? The answer is not often and that is perhaps one reason Pete Hautman’s Godless won the the 2004 National Book Award for Young People’s Literature. Another reason is more straightforward — it’s well written, particularly for […]