Continuing marginalia

Charlie Stross writes a letter to spammers I’m sure we would all sign off on. The “Austin Mayor” blog has an interesting take on crime and punishment. There’s a new movement to bring Firefly back for a second season. (Via Novelhead). More details here. The RAND Corporation think tank has compiled a list of “50 […]

Political ruminations

A combination of the doldrums and plain weariness for much of it has kept political musings to a minimum despite the fact there’s a lot going on. In fact, I have yet to actually look for or at any list of bills introduced in the state legislature this year. Still, here’s some ruminations from the […]

Additional marginalia

Okay, James Frey admits extensive “fictions” in his memoir. I still love the books, particularly the first. While that is the one causing all the ruckus, I note it is still in the top ten bestsellers on Amazon. A post by my MinusCar friend points me to an article from last year that might […]


The lull/funk continues. Yet there’s a few interesting items out there:

Here’s a really good one. In looking at the referring URLs to my blog, I learned it is listed as one of several “Progressive Christian Blogs.” Whoever created that link is either joking or hasn’t really read this blog. The 50 Most Loathsome People […]

Odds and Ends

Though little really seems to have grabbed my attention lately, here’s at least a couple items of potential interest.

Osama must be good for book sales. In the audio tape released Thursday, bin Laden suggested it would be “useful” for Americans to read William Blum’s Rogue State. Originally released in 2000, the book hit the […]