The Great Malaise

As the lack of posting indicates, the malaise continues. I’m not alone. It seems fairly common. While I’ve used the term here a couple times, in the last week a friend and one of my law partners used the exact word to describe their current motivation and state of mind. Others I’ve talked with have described similar attitudes without using that exact term.

There’s been plenty that should serve to break the pattern. The Mike Miller Quintet was fabulous. Even made me go searching the internet for old Fowler Brothers and Banned From Utopia CDs. Moreover, I not only got to attend with a former college roommate who came down from Minneapolis, there was the added bonus of seeing a friend who lives in Switzerland I haven’t seen in probably 20 years.

There’s been plenty of good hockey lately as the Stampede continue to win, pulling out some of the last several games in overtime or in shoot-outs.

Still, the urge or motivation to write (or do much else) is lacking. I’m behind on a book review I owe a publisher and my attention span is too short to even get it started. I’ve seen plenty of DVDs with the Christmas break and all and can’t even put together one of my synopses of recent viewing.

Must be mid-winter doldrums. Hopefully they will begin fading and the blogging will resume a more normal pace.

If the desire to write is not accompanied by actual writing then the desire is not to write.

Hugh Prather, Notes to Myself

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